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Top Priorities 

Education, Transportation, 8-30g, Elderly and Veteran Housing,  Taxes

I would like to see the ECS funding formula reconfigured to better represent the entire State of Connecticut in that since its inception much has change across the state but no/very little has been changed with the formula to address the growing needs in lower Fairfield County.

Bring manufacturing and blue collar jobs back to Connecticut and put the unemployed back To work.

Bring sensibility to 8-30g by including housing built prior to 1990 which are fully maintained and meet requirements set forth in the  bill to allow for communities to recognized their their true numbers while assuring Planning and Zoning for each municipality be allowed to make final decisions on new builds that protect the quality of life of their small neighborhood by restricting the size and density in residential areas. 

Make educated decisions based on the needs of ALL citizens. 

Connecticut comes in as the third highest taxes in the Us

With an anticipated Multi million deficit for Fiscal Year ending 2020 prior to the Covid-19 outbreak and a $2.2 Billion deficit looming for 20/21 fiscal year though we have had the largest tax increase in the history of CT over the last 10 years.

Same day voter registration? It's a recipe for disaster in the making! I was taught that it is a privilege and right as well as an honor to participate in American democracy! Suffice it to say, if you haven't registered to vote by Election Day, you had no intentions of voting anyway! Registering to vote prior to Election Day is not such a burdensome task and assures all votes are legal and protects against voter fraud.

Creating change and balance in Hartford is important! All citizens have a right to be represented and with unbalanced government it will always be the same people making the same decisions with the same outcome.

I suggest The state DOT does an intense study of other states and their highways and looks into the positive results of having separate truck lanes. Increase the width of the existing I-95 corridor by adding truck lanes with merging off ramps at designated areas. Trucks take up 3.8 times the road space of automobiles, but have less manoeuvrability and take longer to both accelerate and brake. Within twenty years, truck traffic could well double. * By shifting large freight trucks to lane specific travel during commuter travel time, or prohibiting them from entering other lanes, traffic flow could well improve overnight. Average commuters will benefit by seeing their travel times improved, as slow/faster-moving trucks are moved out of the way. Truckers will give a sigh of relief as they are separated from the often-frustrating, sometimes-dangerous, driving habits of commuters trying to get home or to work. Everyone benefits as the number of motor vehicle-truck accidents are reduced simply by virtue of limiting interaction between the two. Open all weigh stations and fully staffed them to bring in much needed funds to repair our highways. 


How do we boost the economy without raising taxes?

Some would say with the coronavirus literally closing down the country we are doomed!! No we’re not!! Some will say “we need to raise taxes” no we don’t. Common sense will tell you if you raise taxes people will have less money to spend and ultimately cause a domino effect on small businesses.

What we need are tax incentives to grow the economy. More money in my pocket allows me to spend more and when I spend more I help grow the economy.

We need to lure manufacturing back to CT.
CT was once a thriving manufacturing state where we made our own, grew our own and we taught our kids the importance of American made.

We need to offer incentives to small and large businesses to set up shop and regrow with us.

These will be trying times ahead of us but we all need to work together to assure we become the vibrant state we want to live in and raise our families in and assure that when our kids and grandkids go off to college that they can and will come back to continue our legacy.




Paid for by ROMANO-CSONKA FOR THE 133rd, Casimir A. Mizera, Treasurer

Approved by Joanne Romano-Csonka


Paid for by ROMANO-CSONKA FOR THE 133rd
Casimir A. Mizera, Treasurer
Approved by Joanne Romano-Csonka

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